Kodak posted this story on Facebook a day or two ago, and there’s one interesting point that doesn’t get mentioned a whole lot: Total Cost of Ownership.  In the article the Kodak rep is talking more about the printing side of things and that’s a good point – traditional b/w paper is supposed to last hundreds of years, as are b/w film negatives.  That’s why archival separation film is the best way to store a motion picture (and it costs 11 times less than the digital alternative).  My family still has portraits of ancestors and family members from Civil War times and before, and they look as good as they day they were made.

So just how much does digital cost?  I guess you have to take into account not only the camera, but take into account that you’ll probably be buying a new one every couple years, then add in the computer too.  And then do you upgrade your computer every few years?  How does one view a digital image without a computer?  With b/w film, one doesn’t even necessarily need electricity.  (though admittedly I imagine it would be hard trying to operate an oil lantern enlarger)  I see people offloading darkroom equipment for pretty damn good prices these days.  Now is probably the best time to get into that side of it…


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