Man, I thought I stumbled on the deal of the year yesterday; I found a Konica Koni-Omega 6×7 press camera at the local thrift store for $25.00.  The leaf shutter in the lens didn’t fire right, so I talked them down to $15.00, figuring I could just buy a lens and be in the medium format club for less than my last tank fill.  Nope, didn’t turn out that way.  The more I looked at the camera, the more I found wrong with it, which is disappointing, because holding it you’d think it could withstand a blow from a sledgehammer – it’s incredibly robust and sturdy!  Unfortunately, it seems to have taken a hit that has put it completely out of commission: the lens mount is tilting slightly downward (which wouldn’t bother me), and because of that, the mechanism that cocks the shutter isn’t catching on the film advance.  I took it to the local camera store, which does a lot of camera repair, but it seems to be useless.  So disappointed.

It’s funny, but the guy in Production who put out the camera didn’t know a thing about it, and in fact hadn’t tested it out at all; I did that myself in the store.  That wasn’t the way we did things when I worked at Goodwill, I made sure everything that I put out worked well, but this guy couldn’t get it working and still put it on the floor.  I guess in some ways it’s a good thing, because I know that even if there’s something that he can’t figure out, I might still get a crack at it.  I suppose it would have sucked worse if the guy had had a completely functional camera that he couldn’t figure out and decided not to sell it…then again, that might happen all the time, but at least I wouldn’t know about it…

I guess it’s going back; at least I have the option of returning it, but it’s still so disheartening.  One of these days I’m sure I’ll find a fully functioning Hasselblad or Mamiya 7 at a thrift store for the same price, but until then I’m still in 35mm Land.  Hardly a bad thing, I suppose…


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