Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, bad move

In case you haven’t heard yet, here:

It’s hard to believe it’s not a soulless corporation doing this, but a band with at least a little bit of indie cred (the last time I checked, at least).  I’d say it’s all gone now.  Anyway, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus just doesn’t seem to learn.  In response to their conduct, I decided to comment on the band’s facebook page and would have left it at that, but they deleted my comment (along with plenty of others), and banned me from posting, so here it is again:

“So glad to know you think art has no value. All art has worth! It makes me happy when fans agree enough to pay for my music. What’s the point in listening to a band that thinks their own work (and that of other people) has no worth? Goodbye forever.”

I’m really disappointed that the band would act so badly in the first place, but to be constantly deleting unfavorable posts I think brings it to a new level of immaturity.  They’re just digging themselves a deeper hole, as far as I’m concerned.  Oh, and if they ever ask me to shoot one of their concerts, I’ll say “No.”


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