A little preview of things to come

Back in January, a wonderful friend of mine named Beverly gave me a Polaroid Land Camera that had been in her family since the late ’60s.  Never being one to pass up a free camera, I hunted around online (mostly Amazon) and came up with a new battery and some film (which is still made by Fuji).  Part of what I decided to do with it was make some portraits of myself (to chronicle my beard before I chop it), generally utilizing other people to do it.  The results have been…interesting.

Here’s the one I took myself:

This is just a straight scan of the print using a 200dpi flatbed scanner I had lying around.  Sometime this summer I’ll get everything digitized using something a bit nicer.  The negatives are opaque until the non-emulsion side is washed with bleach.  It’s definitely necessary for color if you need to retrieve your negatives, and there steps for that process on Youtube. It also means I might be able to make optical prints from the negatives, if I ever want to.

What’s great is that the negatives (as always) carry so much more detail than the print, and while some of the prints haven’t turned out very good, looking at the negatives, I think most of them should be usable.  More to come.


Please discuss!

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