More on slides: AGFA Precisa CT 100 (and more bracketing)

Which according to the internet (so it must be true), is rebranded Fuji that didn’t meet quality standards.  Despite what the saleslady said when I bought it (“It’s not Fuji!”), I don’t think it’s Agfachrome, don’t think it’s actually made by AGFA (their film is sold by and as Rollei now), and since the box said “Made in Japan” as well as the film canister coming in the standard Fuji plastic container, I’m going to have to go with the internet on this one.  As far as quality goes, I’d say it looks great, I have no complaints there at all; perhaps the colors aren’t as wild as Velvia 50 but it does make up for it in other areas.  I bracketed some shots I wasn’t sure about, but the differences are pretty minute compared to the Velvia.  Whether this is Provia or possibly Astia, this is a much more forgiving film, and I might have gotten away with not bracketing at all.  It’s something that’s good to know in case I get one chance at a particular shot: at the very least I won’t have to worry as much.  Here’s what I mean:

03660035a  03660034a  03660033a
f/11 250                 f/9.5 250                 f/8 250   on a 35mm lens

And again, this time a whole stop apart:

03660026a 03660027a 03660028a
f/5.6 500               f/4 500                   f/2.8 500    on a 100mm lens

I think in both cases, the middle picture seems most correct to me, judging by color.  So with this film, the penalty for fudging your exposure by a stop or so is that the colors will be slightly different–you’re not really in danger of missing the shot.  As far as I remember, the light meter told me the shots on the left, the ones on the right were the reading of my hand against a green background.

I picked up this film to try because it was quite a bit cheaper ($8/roll) and would do so again if I could find any more.  It seems stocks are depleted and prices are high now, so unless you can get this cheap you’re better off with the real Fuji Provia 100F.  As with the last roll, I used the Canon AE-1 that was gifted to me, and most of my pictures were taken with a 35mm lens that was also gifted to me.  Here’s one more series that my brother insisted I get a picture of; I think I’d go far left this time as the most correct-looking:

03660022a 03660023a 03660024a
f/11 125                 f/8 125                  f/5.6 125   on a 35mm lens
You’re welcome, Jake.

In other news, I will be going for a minor in Visual Arts, emphasis in photography, because I’m not busy enough already with all my music stuff.  Yay for me.  Actually, I’ve found that I really enjoy taking pictures and want to continue taking photography classes.  Also, this will give me a good excuse to spend more money on cameras.

5 thoughts on “More on slides: AGFA Precisa CT 100 (and more bracketing)

  1. Awesome comparison. I’ve been testing out some of my film’s latitude lately as well, but still going as there are several types of film I would like to try. And good luck with your minor in photography, Its the one thing I really wish I did before I was a semester away from graduating.

    • Thanks! I have a roll of Provia 100f in my freezer that I’ll use before the end of the summer, and I’ll be getting some Velvia 100 as well (I have a feeling I’m going to love that film). Also, I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never shot Portra 400 (or 160 for that matter). Besides black & white, I don’t shoot a lot of Kodak film, but I will be remedying that shortly.

      • Ahh, Portra 160 is next on my list, among the first few types of film I’ve tried, I’ll say I like the Kodak stuff most. I tried Fuji Superia 400, and was not a fan so probably won’t be buying much of that anymore. Kodak Ultramax 400 is one I really like, and its cheap and can be bought anywhere, and then I shot some Ektar up in PA a couple weeks ago and I absolutely love the stuff! Kodaks BWCN400 is pretty nice too, although I”ve only shot one expired roll. Get some kodak! I think you’ll like it!

  2. I’ve just ordered 5 rolls of it from Taiwan. I can’t wait to shoot it now. I have a feeling my light meter is abit of on my canonet so I will try to bracket too. Great photos btw and hope all goes well with the course. I will definitely be back for some film research!

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