How much is a fungusy Minolta Autocord worth?

Evidently it’s worth about $180, according to Goodwill.


Or if you wait three weeks, it’ll be half that.  Of course, I was in Ohio at the time, so I never found out what happened to it.  I really should stop going into Goodwill, it just too depressing to see people who have no idea how to check out a camera think it’s worth whatever the latest idiot on ebay is asking, and even more depressing to think that there are people out there who are willing to spend that kind of money on it.  I don’t know why I keep going in there…

In other news:

Got my film back yesterday, eight rolls.  That’s more than I’ve ever shot at one time.  I spent yesterday at school rescanning a roll of pushed Tri-X that didn’t come out too well.  I pushed it 2 stops and I guess it just wasn’t enough for a couple of the shots, quite underexposed.  What it did do is give me a chance to try out the same place that I send my 120 and slide film to, but I really wasn’t impressed with the scans at all.  They use too high contrast on regularly-processed Tri-X, I wanted to see if they had any control over their scanner settings and requested that they watch the contrast.  So much for that…while I was happy with a couple images, most looked just wrong.  The images yielded up much more detail in rescanning.

00920023 . Kafe Kerouac042

If Cameraworks (my favorite camera store) had been able to handle push-processing, I definitely would have let them handle it all, and I’m seriously considering just having Mike’s process the film and return it to me uncut so I can have it scanned at Cameraworks.  As long as I stay away from expired film, they’ve never disappointed me.

I tried out two new (to me) cameras this summer that I should be able to write some thoughts on, as well as try out different films. That picture at the top?  A $6 Petri 2.8 Color-corrected Super.

Now that I’m back in school I probably won’t be shooting as much.  Remember that Plastic Camera class I was going to take?  I had to switch last-minute to take a class required for my major, which is also a prerequisite for other classes required for my major, and it’s time to stop putting those kind of things off.  So much for more photography classes; maybe next semester.

3 thoughts on “How much is a fungusy Minolta Autocord worth?

    • Indeed, and they don’t ever bother to check things out properly, but list everything AS-IS. I bought a Canon 518 super 8 camera that was just diseased with battery corrosion. They hadn’t even bothered to open the battery compartment, or if they did certainly weren’t going to mention it…

      • I don’t mind stuff being as is and not checked , as long as they are priced appropriately . Now I imagine if they check everything I can never afford anything ! But broken and over priced ? That’s a sin !

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