Family Gathering

This is all from one roll of Tri-X, except the color shot which is Fuji Superia 800.  Along with 8 rolls of film, I took 2 cameras with me to Ohio, and one of them absolutely had to be the Spotmatic SPII.

While I could have wished for more interesting pictures on the Superia I shot, I’m really happy with the look of Tri-X through my 1.8 Takumar lens.  So happy in fact, that I went on a bit of a buying spree, getting 10 more rolls of Tri-X, along with 2 rolls of Fomapan 100, 2 rolls of Cinestill/Eastman Double-X, and 2 rolls of Cinestill/Vision3 800T.  I think I’ll be set for a while.

Due to limited space, I’m sending my black & white film out for processing, etc.  The scans are pretty spot-on, as well, for which I am extremely happy.  If all my results will look like this, I won’t be feeling the absence of a darkroom for quite a while…


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