Music and Poetry

While I didn’t exactly have haunts per se while going to Ohio State, Kafe Kerouac is quite close (about 300 feet) to my old apartment, so I did occasionally go there, if only to support friends’ shows.  I was happy to be able to do it again while in Columbus.

I came with 4 exposures left in a roll of Superia 800 which I promptly used up quick so I could shoot some Tri-X at 1600.  There were definitely times during the evening that I really felt the lack of a 1.4 prime and it’s something I plan on acquiring soon.  The scans came out pretty horribly I thought so I spent an entire day redoing them myself on school equipment (Dehk, I tried to take to heart what you’ve written about scanning, and definitely think a glass carrier would help with the flatness of the negatives).  One of the pictures even had a rather unfortunate speck on the emulsion side; I hope that doesn’t happen too often, but as it is, the next time I have to use these guys I’ll just process the film and have it returned to me uncut so Cameraworks can scan it.  Speaking of scanning things, after the better part of a decade Epson has announced a new line of film scanners.

Shooting people’s shows seems to have become a regular thing for me now.  I have another one I’ll put up in a week or two.  Until then, go out and buy more film.


2 thoughts on “Music and Poetry

  1. Who botched your scans so badly? And if all you’re scanning is 35mm you can pick up an Epson V300 for pretty cheap.

    I am wishing for an f/1.4 prime today for my Nikons as I’m heading off to an antique-car museum later this morning and will shoot in available light.

    • Meh. My experience with flatbeds hasn’t been at all good. I stilll don’t like the results I’m getting with the school’s V600 but it’s all I have right now. I should just crack open my Minolta F2400 and give it a good cleaning. I’m not into bashing companies unless they do something really outrageous so I won’t name them, but it’s the place that I have to send out all my E-6 processing to. I’ve checked the Exif data and it looks like they use a Noritsu scanner (I think originally I was just wowed by the look of the slides; b&w helped me see the truth). I’ve been a bit underwhelmed with those scans lately and the fact that they are either unwilling to or have no control over their scan settings has me looking for another place. One of the other camera stores in the Springs does regular business with Dwayne’s so I might give them a try, Kansas is after my neighbor…

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