More like odds and ends than anything else

Fuji Superia does it for me again.  I started this roll right after finishing another one, and sort of used this as the backup body just to have around, so there are a few outtakes thrown in.  I started this roll on Oct 17 and finished on Nov 30, so I kind of shot this roll the way I used to do it back in the day, taking my time and not using a whole lot of film.  I don’t feel like there’s anything all too wonderful here but I just love the color.  Fuji Superia really is like an old friend that I can always count on.

8 thoughts on “More like odds and ends than anything else

  1. What version of Superia is this: 200, 400, 800? I’ve shot the 800 but nothing else. Fujicolor 200 (non-Superia) is my go-to color film because it’s cheap and very available. I’ve wondered if Superia 200 is better, but I have to order it online and it’s much more expensive than the plain old Fujicolor 200.

    • 400 (I usually just put that kind of info in the tags). Though it’s my most-used color film, this is the first roll I’ve shot in a year and a half…it was good to get back into it! I’ve used Superia 200 but it was so long ago and I didn’t record the information back then so I don’t know which roll it was at the moment. Maybe I should get some and compare to Fujicolor 200 myself. There’s also something online called Fujicolor ProPlus II which seems to be intended for the Southeast Asia market…I’ve never used it.

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