Kodak finalizes film agreements with Hollywood…again…?

OK, once again, I thought this was already a thing.  Was it not?


I mean we had this discussion back five months ago now.  It didn’t feel like news to me then, I’d already read months before that about the deal.  I didn’t know there was any question of it falling through, or maybe there wasn’t, but whatever the case, I take it that this is final-final confirmation that yes indeed, Kodak will be around and making film for many years to come.  If they ever do stop, hopefully it will be after I’m dead, though that is a bit selfish I suppose, it would be nice to have film continue on after my death for the sake of posterity.

As it is though, as someone who uses quite a bit of Kodak film and someone who prefers watching movies shot on film, I am really happy that the people working in this industry have banded together to help give Kodak and motion picture film in general a second wind.  If anyone involved somehow reads this, thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.


Please discuss!

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