Alternative Processes – Photograms

For photograms (also called Rayographs), one simply puts objects on a piece of photo paper and turns on the enlarger for a second or two, then developed and fixed normally.  I started using things I already had around, and since the assignment called for there to be a narrative over the course of five or more pieces, I thought about someone cutting tape with a razor blade and splicing it back together.  I started using 4×5 pieces of paper (they were really my test strips, but I just loved the way they turned out so I kept up the theme), then moved to 5×8 strips, then finally whole sheets of 8×10 paper.  I call it “Tape Splice:”

How wonderful to be able to have a piece combining chemical imaging and magnetic sound recording, my two passions.  And I also got to throw in some double-edged razors as well, probably not the kind typical for cutting and splicing tape, but they happened to be what I use so I had them on hand.

edit: I gave these away to a friend who is also big on analog recording, and exclusively uses Scotch-brand audiotape.  I think he appreciated them…


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