Alternative Processes – Chemograms

Which are sort of a combination of Lumens and Photograms, using darkroom chemicals but done in light, using various substances oozed onto the photo paper.  We did this in available light, not in the darkroom.


This is maple syrup (well, “pancake syrup”) that I tried to make a smiley face with, but used way too much and it oozed into a gigantic blob.  Submerged in developer halfway before fixing.


Here we have three strips of Scotch blue tape which I pulled off for fixing.  As you can see, the developer had gotten pretty gross by that point, lots of things between it and the paper.


This is just paper, I plopped it into the developer for a few seconds and then fixed it.  I think I like this one the best, and it took the least amount of effort, and man, that tray was gross…


Please discuss!

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