Assignment #1 – Intro to Photography

Fall 2013.  Our first assignment was to explore shutter speeds and apertures, learning how to use them in creative ways go get the effect we were after.  We were to produce six prints: fast and slow shutter speeds, wide and narrow depths-of-field, and two that were a combination.   And I had to use at least two rolls of film to do it, and show the contact sheets.  That part really went against my way of working in the past, taking a month or more to finish a single roll (these requirements cured me of using 36-exposure rolls, too).  Though I suppose with assignments lasting only 2-3 weeks, it makes sense.  I quickly got to the point where I would shoot for a few days (one week tops), and spend the rest of the time in the darkroom, printing.

AA012 AA023a
narrow depth of field, wide depth of field

AA023 AA017
long exposure, short exposure

AA031 AA026
wide dof/long exposure, narrow dof/short exposure

I believe I have all the aperture and shutter speed info written down somewhere, but not on me.

There are two self-portraits in there, as well as one that I took at my old job at Seven Falls before it closed down.  Two of the shots were taken while out cutting down dead trees for firewood with a friend, an annual Summer activity.  What’s nice is that now that I’ve finally got these scanned to my satisfaction (for now), I can put up some outtakes that either didn’t fit the assignment or didn’t work with the rest of the images.  Some of them may be familiar:



Please discuss!

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