Week 2 – Intermediate Photography

Editing, editing, editing…I’m only supposed to be posting three images, but there are usually more than three that I don’t hate, and to keep from having too many heartbreaking rejections, I need to shoot less (because that makes sense).  Actually, I’ll save money this way too, cutting 24-exposure rolls in half, but it seems a bit silly now worrying about being able to create new images weekly.

I practice a lot on knowing the right time to take a shot, it helps me save money to not waste exposures, etc.  When I shoot concerts sometimes I’ll sit on a shot for several songs waiting for a musician to pose a certain way or get a certain look on his/her face.  In each of these photographs above, it was the same way, sitting in the same spot for minutes waiting for the frame to compose itself, but this is still child’s play for someone of the caliber of Ansel Adams.  I’ve read many stories over the years about how he would go to a certain spot night after night for months, just waiting for the perfect conditions to materialize.

Moonrise, Hernandez – Ansel Adams

I remember reading a story about this above photo told by Adams’s son, how they were driving around the desert looking for the perfect spot to photograph this town, and finally Adams sees the spot, slams on the brakes, and runs out of the car with large format camera in hand, leaving a trail of other equipment behind him.  He couldn’t find his light meter and had to guess his exposure based on what he knew about the luminosity of the moon.  He took his first shot, and was preparing for a safety exposure, but by the time he had his next sheet of film loaded, the clouds had overtaken the moon and the shot was gone.  (if I remember correctly)

It’s hard to say anything about that picture that hasn’t already been said, but it’s not even the picture itself that I’m necessarily drawn to, as I prefer some of his other images.  I think it’s just knowing that it has such an interesting story behind it that really makes it significant in my mind.

2 thoughts on “Week 2 – Intermediate Photography

  1. I am simply not patient enough to wait for the shot. Maybe that will keep me out of the annals of the all-time great photographers. I like to show up and find the best shot possible in the conditions.

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