Assignment #3: the piano – Intro to Photography

Fall 2013.  Our third assignment was to take two subjects/objects and turn them into an entire series, looking at different aspects and angles. As a music student, I chose to photograph my primary instrument, the piano both inside and out. (That counts as two different subjects, right?)  One of my friends is a jazz pianist and has some pretty nice vintage keyboards, so I expanded my definition of piano to include some other keyboard instruments as well.

The outside:

The inside:

I wasn’t sure if the inside and outside of a piano would count as two different subjects, but thankfully my instructor let me.  As a backup plan, I had photographed stairways, but I’m glad that I didn’t have to use them because they didn’t turn out as interesting, I thought.  However, they did give me the benefit of padding out my rolls of film, allowing me to get the shooting assignment done quickly and turn most of my time to printing.  Here are some outtakes:

A lot of these pictures were taken using a Quantaray 70-200mm zoom lens, the only Minolta-mount lens I possess (then or now) that had a macro function, and after the whole Sigma lens issue I had, I wasn’t expecting much from a third-party zoom, but I’m very happy with how those images turned out.  The picture of my piano student’s hands is one of my favorite shots using a Minolta-brand lens, and I think Minolta really deserves a bit more love than most people are willing to give them.


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