Week 10 – Intermediate Photography

Here they are.

With the Trip 35 again.  It’s a new experience for me, having a set aperture/speed and generally just trusting to the latitude of the film, hoping that the processing times will be adequate for (most of) a given reel.  Pretty much anything shot inside with the Trip 35 will be f/2.8 at 1/40.

Gun 1, New York 1955 – William Klein

This is my favorite picture from William Klein, on whom I am currently doing a masters’ study.  What’s interesting for me is that this photo is semi-posed, according to the tales.  Klein told the kid to point the (toy) gun at the camera, and look tough, which he definitely does.  It’s freed me up a bit in my own work, giving myself permission to talk to subjects as I find them, nudging them in a certain way if I need to, with a few helpful directions.

Please discuss!

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