Week 12 – Intermediate Photography

Pictures of open space, trying to get ideas for placing a sculpture/installation piece for a group final project in my Art in Time & Space class.

I broke out the Mamiya 1000TL for this, because why not?  It turns out the meter is dead, so I had to shoot Sunny-16, and I pulled the film 1 stop.  I think the results worked well, and while I bought the camera mainly for its 55mm 1.8 Mamiya/Sekor lens, the body itself is completely usable as well, and might get some use as a backup body here and there.

I just noticed I have water spots.  Interesting…

A Circle in the Andes, 1972 – Richard Long

Richard Long is a site-specific artist who makes sculptures by interacting with the landscape, by walking, by adding stones, piling dirt, etc, in places where no one may ever see, or know who made them.  He started in the mid-1960s and still continues today.  Since that time, he has documented them as well, and the photographs are quite striking, whether those in nature, or in exhibitions:

Cornish Slate Line, Tate Gallery, London, 1990 – Richard Long


Please discuss!

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