Week 15 – Intermediate Photography

Colorado happenings.  I printed one of these images for my final project, and that and another will be part of an upcoming post in a few days.

It’s been …interesting… having to create new work on a weekly basis, plus choosing a photographer to research and showcase.  Everyone else in the class, even the film users, has been shooting digital for most of the weekly output, but not me.  I don’t even own a digital camera.  I do have a ridiculously fast scanner, which makes my work nearly as fast as digital.  As I write this (Friday), I just developed three rolls of film, and will go home and scan them, then come back tomorrow and run them through Photoshop on a school computer.  I keep the Trip 35 on me at all times, and am always shooting.  I tried expired film, bulk rolls, cutting rolls in half, pretty much anything I could to keep the costs down.  I’ve scrambled to get film developed, scanned, and post-processed in time, but I worked it out to where I’d develop a roll on Thursday which would give me time for everything else, and immediately start on a fresh roll.  Those pictures above were shot last Saturday, the 28th.  As far as the class goes, we developed a pretty close bond and the core group (myself included) will be coming back together for Advanced Photo next semester.  Here’s to you, guys!

(not all classmates pictured)

Our final projects are due Monday, so I don’t think we’re actually looking at weekly photo blogs, we might be done with them, and in that case, this is an extra post.  Back in October I joked about choosing Anne Geddes as one of my photographers for these weekly assignments, and my instructor joked back that if I did she’d fail me.  I think she was joking, but maybe I’ll find out Monday…

Jack Holding Maneesha, 1993 – Anne Geddes

If you’ve ever come across a photo book in your life, chances are it was by Anne Geddes.  I can’t think of any photographer so famous or ubiquitous as her, and depending on what kind of person you are, your standard response will be “Awwwwww…” or “Oh God, not again…”  I fall into the second category myself, and personally, never could understand the aesthetic appeal of babies much (or Anne Geddes for that matter).  I think kittens, puppies, and other baby animals are much cuter.  That being said, every child is precious, and I’d include even the unexpected and unwanted in that.  Children are our future, and they all have the right to a future.

“Babies are the human face of beginnings, but all of nature is caught in this insistent stream of seasons, of aging and rebirth, of concealment and bursting forth. Every time I unwrap a newborn, even after all these years of photographing them, I am aware of the miracle before me.” – Anne Geddes

Cheesecake – Anne Geddes

Why?  Because I can.

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