Final project – Intermediate Photography

The pursuit of technical perfection can be an ideal to live up to, or an annoyance to avoid. I embraced William Klein’s ethos in my own work, caring not at all about trivialities such as focus, exposure, lighting, sharpness, or grain. Much of the process was simply the act of using a camera that performed the way I needed it to, and for this I chose a cheap consumer travel model that has only two shutter speeds, one of which is a slow 1/40sec, and zone focusing. I shot primarily expired film. There is a great difference in how people in Colorado Springs interact to each other as compared to large cities that William Klein shot in, such as Rome, Tokyo, and New York. I endeavored to find events where people would respect personal space just a bit less than normal, be rowdier, exist more intimately in the space and their interactions with others.

Now on to different projects.  I’m scheduled to take Advanced Photography next semester, and in the interim I’m preparing to make another film.

Please discuss!

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