Kodak is making a new super 8 camera? Crazy!

And awesome.  The Logmar was the first new super 8 camera made in more than 30 years, now there will be a second, being put out by Kodak itself.  What a renaissance we’re enjoying now.  The specs listed on Kodak’s site are quite enticing:

-max8 widescreen
-9,12,18,24,25fps speeds, all with crystal sync
-integrated sound recording
-accepts c-mount lenses
-automatic and manual exposure modes
-digital video assist/viewfinder
-rechargeable battery with USB connectivity

These are enticing features that make me want to drop some money on one, but I wonder just how much it will end up costing.  While the Logmar was (and is) a great idea, I don’t have $6000 to spend for one.  For half (a fourth?) that price I could get a used 16mm camera, something I’ve been tempted to do in the past.  What will Kodak’s new camera cost?  Not more than $750 according to current estimates.  The only thing missing from the specs so far is the inclusion of a time-lapse feature, and I suppose a slow-motion setting; I hope that will be corrected before going into production.  All in all though, this is exciting news, and its features will make it a great improvement over most used super 8 cameras available today, my Canon 1014XLS included.

Read more about it here:





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