And in other news…

Cinestill are at it again!  They’ve restarted their crowdfunding platform to make medium format 800T a reality:

Now, they did this a while back.  The difference is that they’re asking for a third of the money they originally did, so I assume they’ve been seeking funding from other sources since, and their crowdfunded goal is much more attainable this time around.  Their rewards are much more enticing and varied, as well!  100′ roll of 35mm 800T, anyone?  On top of that, instead of Kickstarter, they’re using Indiegogo this time around, meaning that any funds they receive they will be paid out regardless of whether or not their goal was met; this is significant for several reasons.  This time though, I think they’ll meet their goal easily.  It’s not been a day yet and they’re up to $45,000 already, but then again it doesn’t matter if they make their goal or not.  Supposedly Kickstarter is much more successful than Indiegogo, precisely because it’s an all-or-nothing deal, and that helps generate excitement and higher pledges, especially during the last few hours.  This time around though, I think we’ll see medium format 800T film become a reality.

Edit: Oh yes, we will!  It’s the last day of the campaign and they’re 130% funded, surpassing $150,000 which means we’re going to see 800T in large format sheets as well.  Not only that, but they’ve extended their deadline by two weeks, so perhaps we’ll reach the next goal, 50D in 120 as well.  Beyond that, there’s an unannounced stretch goal, I’d certainly like to know what they are planning…

Edit 2: Final tally is 155% funded at $187,570; their stretch goal was for $190,000 but from what I’ve read, Cinestill won’t let that missing $2500 stop them for long.  I expect to see medium format 50D soon, and perhaps large format as well. 


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