More news – an appeal

I like what these people have to say about their campaign.  I’ve felt since I heard the news about FP100c that the only thing we should be asking Fuji, is that they sell their equipment off instead of destroying it, and I mentioned that when I signed the petition.  As it looks like these people are behind that petition, I see this as a good sign.  Personally, I don’t think I’ll ever use my Land Camera again even if the film is saved, but there are plenty of people out there who love this film.  Please check out the website, sign the petition.

On the upside, the Cinestill campaign has been doing very well.  So well, that the Indiegogo team have been working with them to extend their deadline, and have passed their first stretch goal, which means that we’ll be getting 800T sheet film, a wonderful proposition if ever I heard one.  As of right now they are at 142% funded.  They have 4 days left to raise $20,000 more to meet their next stretch goal, medium and large format 50D.  I’ve thrown in $90 for a 100′ bulk roll of 35mm 800T.  Personally, it seems to me like that’s the best deal offered, but there are some tantalizing options there, so if you haven’t checked out their campaign yet, please do and support a new medium (and large!) format film type.

Edit: They didn’t quite make it all the way, they fell about $2500 short of their $190,000 goal, which isn’t so bad to my estimation.  The Brothers Wright have said that they plan to bring more Vision 3 emulsions to medium format regardless of their goals being met, so I think eventually it will happen.


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