Ha, this made me chuckle…


There is a hierarchy in digital photography, and firmly at the bottom, it seems, are people who take pictures with their tablets.  I get it; too many people don’t really experience concerts, speeches, artist talks, anything that they go to, they miss real life because they’re too busy looking at it behind a screen.  Like the screen on your iPhone, right?  Like the screen on the back of every DSLR, perhaps?

It’s quite entertaining how concerned the author gets over things like the tablet’s battery life, quality of the tablet’s camera compared to a smart phone, and how ridiculous tablet photographers look (a point made several times).  Best quote: “To make matters worse, Apple keeps improving the iPad’s camera. With the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro, the company had the audacity to add a camera flash and 12-megapixel sensor to the tablet…”  The author also jokingly reflects on a dystopian future where lenses are obsolete, but I don’t see that as all that far-fetched.  I can see the end for DSLR technology; it might be closer than one thinks, if the majority of the consumer base moves away from “real” cameras.  It should be mentioned that what the average consumer considers good enough is quite underwhelming, one of the reasons digital photography became popular in the first place.  Convenience will trump quality, so why carry a bulky DSLR and zoom lens around when you can pull a thin tablet out of one’s shoulder bag?  Or a smart phone from one’s pocket. 

The comments are wonderfully entertaining as well, and it seems emotions run high over this subject.  At least there’s one badass on there who still shoots with single-use cameras; that guy is my hero.

I do wonder, with the larger size of the tablet, does that give increased room for larger and better sensors over a smart phone?  Will the tablet actually overtake the smart phone as the user camera of choice for the unwashed masses?  Will people frantically scramble to get extra sensors for their favorite DSLR and mirrorless cameras, will they cry when they give up the ghost after a decade?  Will they shell out huge amounts of money for the few remaining models, or scour thrift stores hoping for something a little nicer than an early ’00s 1MP point-and-shoot?  Will they bemoan the death of photography?

As time marches on and professional digital cameras are abandoned in favor of tablets with lenses on them, I will watch and cackle like a crazy person.  Me and all the others kooks still hung up on our light-sensitive little pieces of plastic…


4 thoughts on “Ha, this made me chuckle…

  1. I’ve noticed more and more tablet photographers, and they just look ridiculous.

    But I’m going to key in on what you said about the DSLR. I’m a little demoralized to hear you say you see the end. I’ve looked sidelong at buying a DSLR for a while now. Bought my fiancee a D3200 for Christmas and played with it briefly and holy wow would that be a useful tool for me. But I’ve got probably 20 film SLRs here and so when I need SLR control, I just get some film out of the fridge. So I keep not buying myself a DSLR. But I’d surely hate for their era to end just as I’m deciding to take the plunge. Maybe I’d truly be happier with a mirrorless. A buddy of mine who is a pro part time shot for a book using an Olympus OM-D — and coupled with his skill, that camera sang.

    • I’m more terrified by all these phone users not buying computers, myself. You know, I don’t *get* those tablet shooters myself, but there’s no denying that the trend moves away from the professional in favor of a homogenized talented amateur. Now we know that everyone and their dog doesn’t need to take pictures with even consumer-grade gear, most are happy with whatever they can carry with them.

      I like the idea of the OM-D (and the Pen-FD), have no idea how well Olympus has executed the concept. I think it makes sense to buy a digital body that complements what you already own (been thinking about a Pentax K-mount digital body for a while myself) but with the adapters out there a specific body probably doesn’t matter as much. Jim, you could buy one of ten different manufacturer’s digital bodies and the biggest problem you’d have is choosing which vintage lens system to mount on it 😀

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