An unlikely source for film photography

Check this out: “First Person Shooter” is a new series where Vice gives a couple single-use cameras to a person so they can document their world over the course of a Friday night.  So far they’ve featured an Uber driver, a diner line cook, and a tattoo artist.  I’m someone who pretty loudly proclaims that I’m not defined by how I make a living, so I try not to do the same to other people, but I do still find this fascinating to catch this glimpse into other people’s lives, what their day jobs are like, and how they spend their time after-hours.  I see a lot of potential here for compelling material, and we’ve been treated to three wonderful glimpses already.  Vice might say that they’re “not expecting the shots to look ‘good,'” but really they’re better more times than their not.  Especially the tattoo artist’s take, I see a lot of imagery that I’m immediately drawn to, and I think his background as a visual artist can be seen in his compositions.  I’m also reminded a bit of Ray’s a Laugh by Emmet Gowin, the aesthetic of it all and also just being a glimpse into the reality of a person that couldn’t be (much) more different from myself.


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