The anechoic chamber

I used one of these pictures superimposed over my face for my 2nd critique.

UCCS has its own anechoic chamber on campus, an interesting feature and one that my sound art class was very interested in seeing.  I’m not really sure how common they are, but not very from what I understand.  People are in the middle of running experiments in ours, so we weren’t allowed in very long and only a few at a time.  They wouldn’t even shut the door all the way, so I could still hear people talking outside, but in front of me, there was nothing at all, and I felt a pressure build up in my ears from it.  In some ways, I’m glad that I had the sounds coming from behind me as something to hold on to, but on the other, I didn’t feel like I got the full experience.  It was quite dark inside and my shutter speeds were quite low, around 1/8, even 1/4; I steadied the camera against the foam as gently as I could, because evidently the foam is extremely sensitive and can crumble easily (see the missing points in the last two pictures).  The chamber itself was built in the late-’70s/early-’80s, and there’s no more money to improve or repair it.


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