More thoughts on the new Kodak Super 8

It seems that finally Kodak is working on opening an online store.  It’s not ready yet, but you can look around at their film offerings, and it’s nice to be able to see the price that Kodak charges for some of those films compared to places like B&H.

At the risk of seeming like I’m turning into a bit of a Kodak fanboy with the impending release of the new super 8 camera, look at this.  People joining the Super 8 Collective have the option of getting on the waitlist for the new camera:

I signed up, though I’ll have to scrape to afford even the optimistically low-end estimate of $400.  If rumors around the grapevine are true however, things could be much better than they are with the new camera.  Evidently Kodak is pouring tons of money into the aesthetic design and little into usable features.  I hope we get the features already advertised–if they reneged on those I’d be very mad–but some of the things I’ve been hearing that are possible on the new camera, are being overlooked in favor of the way it looks, ignoring the opinions of real-world filmmakers and other knowledgeable consultants.  Features like a sound blimp, water-tight housing, remote wi-fi monitoring, things that the GoPro has that could be included and make this appeal to more serious filmmakers.

Remember what I said in this post?
as much as I root for Kodak and want them to succeed, they are still a faceless juggernaut to some degree...
I don’t care much what the camera looks like, which is why I haven’t said anything complained about it at all so far.  However, evidently Kodak is paying a lot of money to make it look that way on purpose.  And I will find it extremely annoying if I end up paying a lot of money for a design process instead of actual features.  And remember, we’re paying for it to look like this:
(not my picture)

So when are they going to listen to the people who have great ideas for innovative features?  And if they don’t get this camera right, how in danger are they of shooting themselves in the foot?

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