From Sound Recording class

Fall 2013.  This was actually the first recording session I photographed.  We had split the class into two groups, and since I had already recorded some guys with my group, I showed up the second day with my camera, hoping to get a few good shots for my final project in the Intro class shooting portraits.  Nothing really worked for my assignment itself, but I still liked a few of the pictures I took.

This was the first time I brought out the Canon AE-1 that my friend had given me, and put the 50mm 1.4 SSC through its paces.  I won’t say that I disliked the lens too much, and maybe I’m not attuned to the Canon look, but for the most part, I didn’t think that lens had it.  What it did have, was some pitting (or at least flaws in the coating) in the rear element, and I ended up returning it, as I didn’t think it was quite worth the price I paid.

Another year, another wet plate

Even though I wasn’t officially a part of the class this year, I asked at the beginning of the semester to be included when they covered the wet plate process, because it’s a favorite of mine, also because we’d be working with the old (now retired) head of the photography program who is a wonderful lady and a lot of fun.

This was the first roll of film I shot through my new (2nd) Canon 7 with the Summarit.  I’ve wondered what an older low-contrast lens like my 1953 Summarit would handle a high-saturation film like Kodak Ektar 100, and now I know.  I’m working on another post about this so once I shoot that second roll of Ektar I have I will post more thoughts…


Our timings were off a bit, and with me being outside the entire time minding the camera, I couldn’t help troubleshoot, the result being that most of our plates were overexposed to one degree or another.  Thankfully, mine coming at the very end of the day, we were a bit more dialed in than when we started.  I scanned this plate and printed it at 4x5ft for my Advanced Photography project.  I’ve been holding these photos back for weeks now, meant to post them on World Wet Plate Day, but I forgot, too much going on.