Kodak making film even more affordable

It’s a bit older news now, but still good:


Wow, now this is the kind of thing I love seeing.  It seems that the smaller a budget one has, the harder it is to afford to shoot film, especially if a DSLR is available to use for free, but it can be done.  I made my first film with two 35mm still cameras, three rolls of film, and iMovie on my church’s Macintosh.  Overwhelming Majority, my latest film, had a budget of $1000, but most of that went to the purchase of and processing for super 8 film ($600 for processing alone).

I didn’t run a crowdfunding campaign plus Kodak is looking at larger productions than mine was, productions shooting on 16mm and 35mm film.  But for the low budget feature getting money from crowdfunding, Kodak and Kickstarter bringing a deal together seems wonderful.  Up to $15,000 worth of 16mm film or $20,000 of 35mm film?  I’d call that great incentive, a great opportunity for films with small budgets to better afford shooting on film, and Kodak helps you help yourself.  Remember, if you keep shooting it, they’ll keep making it!

In other news, it seems that the waitlist for preorders of the new super 8 camera are over 5000 now, according to this article.  That’s fantastic, as is their film division head’s statement that sales have been climbing quite a lot: in Europe alone film sales have doubled in the last year.  Film is on the rise.

Edit: It seems that Kodak is taking interest in lower-tier filmmakers as well, starting with covering entry fees for any projects shot on film and submitted to the Louisiana Film Prize.  In addition, there are discounts for film processing as well.  While this is only open to projects made in Northern Louisiana, I’m sure someday soon there will be waivers available for many festivals, and that makes me happy.

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