The days of drugstore 1-hour photo are gone

At least in my town.  I’ve been up at my mom’s recently, and noticed that the Walgreens where I did my film processing back in the day no longer has their minilab, sadly.  Now this doesn’t affect me at all, but was still a bummer to find out.  Maybe I should have asked one of the employees about it all, but really I was done with that store years ago.  The last time I took film there it cost me $18 for three rolls of film and they didn’t scan them, because evidently they started some racket where they wouldn’t give people scans unless they bought prints as well.

Even then, I’d still try to give them business–though I was never successful, I’d encourage my Woodland Park friends to shoot film and get it developed at Walgreens.  They never took me on, and sadly it’ll be that much harder for anyone in this area to try film.

The local processing may be gone, but the film remains.  City Market sells Kodak Max 400 and Gold 200 (plus single-use cameras) and the Wal-Mart sells 4-packs of Fuji.  The last time I went to Wal-Mart though, which was right after Christmas, I noticed that they no longer sold Fuji Superia 800, and that seems to be all across the board, at least in Colorado.  Too bad, because I love that film and now I don’t know how to get ahold of it cheaply.  Then again, I haven’t used it since experiencing the wonders of Cinestill 800T, so how does this all affect me?  Not at all.


2 thoughts on “The days of drugstore 1-hour photo are gone

  1. The end here came a couple three years ago. Costco and CVS were the last holdouts for in-store color labs. Costco folded first, then CVS. CVS’s work wasn’t that great, really. Costco’s was okay. But it was cheap and fast. Costco processing and a CD of scans was about $4.50, and was done in an hour or less! I work right by Costco and would take film over there on my lunch hour. Man alive, do I ever miss that. It costs 3 times that to mail my film to my favorite processor and have them return negatives and scans. I know, I know, if I just processed my own I could do it for pennies. That day will come, after the last kid (now 17) is gone.

  2. I am happy to say . . . I have a photo lab 7 miles away that will process a roll for $5 average, scan is another $5 average, and they do a bang up job on top of it. That is, for C-41. B&W is custom developed in a darkroom, for about $20. I use C-41 B&W if I want it. Lucky me!!

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