Just how soon is the Kodak Super 8 camera coming out?

Did I miss something?  Evidently there was an announcement a week ago, talking about a classic being born.  Again.  It’s mentioned halfway through this article:


Not that there’s enough to tell anything for sure right now, but I doubt that Kodak would refer to a 2-year-old failed cell phone as a classic, when releasing another one (except if it’s a Nokia).  Now a super 8 camera, on the other hand…

(picture not mine)

(That announcement’s all over their website also)

The article mentioned the new phone as an aside, then went into an overview of Kodak’s recent history, and mentioned this Kodak tweet in the middle of talking about the upcoming super 8 camera.  But looking at pictures of the prototype, I don’t see how it can correspond.  October 20.  I’ll try not to get my hopes up too much in the next week, but it’ll be hard…


edit: Ugh.  It was a cellphone.  Disgusting.  And not classic at all.  And shame on you Kodak, for hyping this so misleadingly.


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