Milestone reached: 200 followers

Thanks, 200 people, for reading what I have to say and finding it interesting.  I hope I can stay relevant and continue to provide insight into how to shoot film on the cheap (which has been my stated goal).

Just a small update, I currently have 11(!) rolls of film in my backpack waiting to be developed and I will be dropping them off after class today.  Things can pile up when one doesn’t have the funds to develop film!  I suppose that the main thing though is to keep shooting, and thankfully I had (and still do have) quite a large stockpile of film in my freezer, so at that point shooting film cost me nothing.  And compared to last Summer, I actually wanted to take pictures (seriously, I made one roll of Tri-X last 2.5 months).  I shot 3.5 rolls just this last weekend while in Alamosa for the Southern Colorado Film Festival and as for the rest of it, I’m not even sure what’s all there, but surely there are many posts to come, maybe an entire series dedicated to “What I did this Summer…”  Besides working.

Please discuss!

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