What is Kodak ColorPlus 200?

I found this at one of the stores in the Springs a few months back, and originally thought it might be something new, but it seems it’s something mainly for the overseas market.  I have no idea why the cartridge says Kodacolor and the box says ColorPlus.  I think Kodacolor was something that was sold back in the ’90s, had no idea it had come back.  Or has it?


As an all-around consumer film it does alright, especially with the blues.  It doesn’t seem to pull detail out of the shadows as well as some of the others, and I really hope this isn’t being brought in as a substitute for Gold 200, because I think Gold beats this by a significant margin.  Like with Gold 200, I shot it at ASA100.

Now the bad stuff: the first few shots were of wind generators in Eastern Colorado.  I don’t know what was up with the film, but there was some strange mottling that’s most apparent during those frames, plus reduced contrast, almost looks like it’s expired.  I suppose it has its uses as an effect, but I would have expected better from Kodak.

Unfortunately it wasn’t just that roll either.  I took my second roll to Durango with me and had the same problem with that one.

I spent $8.00 a roll on this.  Never again.

10 thoughts on “What is Kodak ColorPlus 200?

  1. 8 bucks seems too much for a consumer level film imo. As for the effect, if it gappens only once a roll then I would live with that. If not then yeah, to hell with that. Any chance of developing fault?

  2. I’ve shot a fair bit of this stuff. I bought a couple bricks from an eBay seller in NY or NJ. I believe my final price was under $3/roll. I’ve never seen mottling like you show. Graininess, yes, but never mottling. It’s almost like it got some humidity in the cartridge. The problem with ColorPlus is you’re at the mercy of the grey market importer. If Uncle Herman brought it over in checked bags….*shudder*. You know what you’re getting with B&H grey, but anyone else? Who knows.

  3. The mottling is from exposure to heat. This isn’t the film’s fault, it’s the fault of improper storage or exposure (either the seller or you). Millions of people have used this film without problem.

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