P30alpha has (finally) arrived!

If you’ll forgive the phone pic, just wanted to post this ASAP.  I don’t know how many people that are still waiting for their film will read this, but Ferrania does follow through on their promises.  Here is the proof that you will get your film…eventually.

Now, I have no idea how far back in the queue I was: I was a Kickstarter backer so I think I’m at least before everyone that cold-ordered.  Still, I didn’t get my order in until at least a good 10 hours after the shop officially came online (some days you gotta hate work).

But there it is!  Now I have to find time to shoot it…

4 thoughts on “P30alpha has (finally) arrived!

  1. Good thoughts guys, let me try to answer both at once! Just from looking at what there is right now, yes it does look and looks like it will behave a lot like Double-X, both being b/w motion picture stocks from around the same time. The standard developer for both is D-96, which means using developers for still films will really add contrast to P30. In the past I’ve tamed this a bit by using older cameras/lenses, as they have lower contrast. So though I’m sporting the Spotmatic in this picture, I’ll probably shoot the majority of the rolls with the Canon 7 and Summarit 1.5. Viva Ferrania!

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