Well, the Reflex won’t be the only new 35mm SLR on the block, it seems (and evidently I missed all the big news with this, because the news broke around the same time).  Also coming soon will be the PONF Camera – Photography on Film is what it’s supposed to stand for.  For more information you can check out their website, https://ponfcamera.com. They have a WordPress blog too, which it might interest you to follow.

Just like the Reflex, they’ll have an interchangeable back, but they’re planning on having a 35mm back and a digital back.  That way a photographer can use the same camera to digitize his/her film–I have no idea what other uses it could have…

Pictures and other thoughts are available here.

So the big question for me, because I’ve heard rumblings about this with the Reflex, is will the camera automatically function with M42 lenses, or will I have to manually stop them down?  Because I could still buy a Bessaflex.  An even better question for me personally, regarding previous thoughts, is if I should continue putting money into the M42 system or if it’s time to start seriously migrating to K-mount.  Or just dump Pentax altogether and get myself a Nikon F2.  I’m at a crossroads and I don’t know which direction is the right one yet.  I of course want to help support new camera makers, but they need to provide the right features on their cameras for me to want to buy it.

4 thoughts on “PONF

    • Stop-down metering I can deal with (I shoot with an SPII), I’m trying to find where I read that you couldn’t take a pic without physically stopping the lens down yourself. I’d be happy to be wrong!

      And I’d never get rid of my M42 system, too many memories! The lenses represent an investment of about $200 so it wouldn’t be worth it anyway. Those Takumars got me where I am today, just having an existential crisis/GAS overload, but really, if I’d stopped buying camera gear after that first Spotmatic I’d probably be better off.

      • I guess you ‘re wrong because why wouldn’t the camera let you make a photo without stopping down? Same as making a photo at maximum aperture! And there’s no linkage in M42 lenses that could tell the camera it’s not stopped down.

        As for the Takumars I now have a full complement, 28, 55, 50 macro and 135…. all I need to be happy.

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