Up at the Ziplines

I took these when I was up at our company’s ziplines in Manitou Springs.

Except for the picture of me, that was taken at Garden of the Gods.  The beard’s been trimmed since then, but came in handy for the winter months…

A forgotten view

I was going back through all the pics I’ve ever uploaded and found something I’d never published:

It was shot on my trusty SPII back in the days when all I had was the 1.8/55 SMC Takumar and I think I liked it because it just has that Takumar look to it–I must have shot wide open or close to it.  I’m not sure I remember where I took this, except that it’s from inside and maybe a house belonging to one of my mom’s neighbors.

This was uploaded January 1, 2014, the day I started The Resurrected Camera.