Save Tetenal

Hey guys, I couldn’t actually reblog this post from Studio C-41, but if you don’t follow them I thought I’d pass this article along.

From what I gather, Tetenal is in financial trouble through no fault of their own, but something to do with their suppliers and larger buyers reneging on orders.  Evidently they’re looking to restructure and cut out the middleman, looking for ways to connect more with home-developers, building up that part of the business.  And they want to know what products they could bring back that consumers would buy, or whatever other ideas people have.

Personally I don’t do home developing and have never used a Tetenal kit, though I hear that the company is very closely linked in making a lot of photochemistry, beyond mere home developing.  I’d certainly like to do my part and if there were some kind of crowdfunding set up, I’d donate to that with no reward.  I know the film community can and will band together to keep things running smoothly here.  #savetetenal

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