Retirement party

Actually these photos are quite ancient now, mid-2017?  I forgot about this post, it was way down near the bottom in the drafts.  One of my favorite instructors retired, and we had a party for him at one of the school facilities.  It’s a bit of a trip down memory lane for me, as most of the students have graduated and moved on, and since I completed the music program I don’t see the professors and instructors much these days.


Black, 1983-2019

Another one bites the dust.

And here was Black’s last tour, with another Jeep come to rescue us.

This was the first time we’d brought it out for the year and I was tasked with making sure the vehicle was ready to go for the summer.  It could have gone better.  Whatever was wrong there (carburetor problems I think), there were also structural problems with the frame that were getting more serious and so just like that another of my favorite Jeeps was retired.

Cleaning house

…is basically what I’ve been doing all year.  I’m not sure I even remember how old some of those posts are, almost two years by now.  I didn’t even get all my film developed until Spring of this year.  Current events and happenings?  Go find a different blog for that.  The good news is that I’ve had such a backlog that I could post about once a week and I still have just a few posts left before I finally get to what I’ve been doing this year.  Compare that to last year where I posted little more than about once a month, and I think I’m doing better.

I think this blog is important to me mostly because it keeps me creating, laying down track, knowing that if I don’t I’m likely to lose what audience I have.  After already completing my Minor in Fine Arts, emphasis on Photography, I decided last semester to retake Advanced Photo.  This semester I have been taking an independent study shooting 4×5 large format film.  So it’s been more Cowboys & Jeeps, this time with an emphasis on portraits.  I shot nearly 30 rolls of 35mm Tri-X over the summer which I will be getting to as well.  It just keeps piling up and I might be cleaning house all next year too.

And some good film news has happened recently that I’ve not commented on yet:
Kodak should have Ektachrome out in medium format in just a few months (OK, that’s not new news at all but surely they’re close to being done with beta testing)
Fuji announces that Neopan 100 Across II will be available by the end of November (in Japan, though I’m sure there will be some enterprising ebayers out there to sell it to us before the US release date in 2020).
Ferrania has been studious all Summer and is about to be in continuous production of P30, hopefully with more emulsions to follow soon.  They’re starting to roll out to stores in Italy. (taken from Facebook)

Kodak film business growing quickly

Despite my constant evangelism there are still ignoramuses uninformed people who think Kodak and film died at the declaration of chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Hopefully this will help raise public awareness:

Good news: Kodak’s film business grew 21% in Q3 2019

(I linked to Emulsive because it explains a few things better than Kodak’s own site, which is mainly just the bare statistics) So it’s not all good news, first of all, Kodak reports a net loss of $5million but that’s down from $18million in Quarter 1.  So there’s an upward trend all around, and photographic materials have increased by over 20%.  Now I don’t know what ever happened with the story of Kodak Alaris wanting to sell the still film business, but considering how well the photographic market is doing it would be nice to see Eastman Kodak get the entire thing under one roof again.

A limited exposure test of the new Kodak Ektachrome

I didn’t dedicate too many exposures to bracketing as I’ve learned to trust the AE-1’s meter implicitly and usually have it set on shutter priority mode at somewhere around 1/125sec.

Can you tell which is which?  Because actually I’m not sure I remember!  But I think that the first shot was what my camera thought was the correct exposure, but due to the heavy fog I was afraid that it was going to underexpose so I gave it an extra stop.  And for some reason there’s a bit of a yellow color shift.  But besides that, it’s not terrible, not by a long shot.  Compare to the test I once did with Fuji Provia 100f.

Here’s this shot one more time, which I included in the other post, just auto-exposure on the AE-1, but thematically it fits in with the other pictures.  I am surprised just how muted the greens are here, but that may just be a characteristic of Kodak’s color palate combined with the lack of bright sunlight, and the fact that this is the Kodak answer to Provia, not Velvia.  Maybe someday soon we’ll see E100VS come back.

And here are a few new shots which demonstrate more of the muted colors in the shade.