Kodak film business growing quickly

Despite my constant evangelism there are still ignoramuses uninformed people who think Kodak and film died at the declaration of chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Hopefully this will help raise public awareness:

Good news: Kodak’s film business grew 21% in Q3 2019

(I linked to Emulsive because it explains a few things better than Kodak’s own site, which is mainly just the bare statistics) So it’s not all good news, first of all, Kodak reports a net loss of $5million but that’s down from $18million in Quarter 1.  So there’s an upward trend all around, and photographic materials have increased by over 20%.  Now I don’t know what ever happened with the story of Kodak Alaris wanting to sell the still film business, but considering how well the photographic market is doing it would be nice to see Eastman Kodak get the entire thing under one roof again.

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