Ferrania P30 back in stock

Late to the party as usual, but that means I just need to celebrate louder to make up for it.  Ferrania P30 is for sale immediately, at least in North America, as well as brick & mortar stores in Italy.  The rest of you heathens will have to wait your turn.

Get a maximum of 10 rolls directly from Ferrania here.

I don’t have the money to spend on it right now myself, because I just put a camera on layaway down in Colorado Springs, so I’m waiting too.

Edit: And in other news

Kodak attempts to steal their thunder by announcing the official release of Ektachrome in 120 and 4×5.  Actually, they’re doing a pretty good job.  I could link to the press release, but what’s better is that photographer Steven Schaub did a wonderful write-up which you can read here.

5 thoughts on “Ferrania P30 back in stock

  1. I’m happy that they’re making P30 a more or less standard product they will continue to produce, but I’m unlikely to buy more as I bought five rolls of the first batch but still have one I haven’t shot. I liked the film but I didn’t love it. I hate to sound callus about it, and I do want them to succeed, but I just keep choosing other films over that last roll of P30 and that tells me something.

    • It tells you that you didn’t want to be without a roll in your fridge so you were waiting until you got more! P30 can really look bad with indifferent development. I’ve only developed one roll of the stuff myself (there’s room for improvement), and that makes me want to conquer it while I have some time left in the school darkroom.

      Looking back through your Ferrania pics they look great, I’m sorry it didn’t click with you.

      • I went back and looked at my P30 work and do see that it all turned out fine. So now I don’t remember why I feel like I didn’t love this film. I do remember clearly the last time I sent some off to be developed they kept it for a month, and when I wrote to ask after it they explained it took special care and they were waiting for a couple more rolls to come in so they could do it in a batch. Perhaps that dampened my enthusiasm.

      • Sounds like cheap and unsatisfactory customer service! But this is what I’ve come to expect from photo labs, unfortunately. Now that you develop your own film you might want to try experimenting with a few rolls! It might be challenging, but ultimately a good learning experience.

      • I’m still mastering the technique on 120 film (because I can shoot 8-12 images faster than 24-36) but after I do I plan to shift to 35mm. Perhaps I should save my last roll of P30 for then!

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