Tools of the trade

A 100ft roll of Kodak Tri-X and a box of 8×10 Oriental paper, my preferred brands.  Actually my photo instructor told me that 8×10 was way too small for what I was doing plus she didn’t want me to crop the sides off (evidently I was getting too good at filling all of the frame), so I got a box of Ilford 16×20 paper, cut the sheets in half and trimmed off an extra inch, printing 15×10 (which can be seen here over a couple rows of 8×10 for comparison).  It’s a non-standard size.

I’ve read other photographers complaining of the crop factor from a 1.5:1 35mm frame to a 1.25:1 paper size, and I have to agree.  If 35mm cameras shot 7-perf frames instead of 8-perf we wouldn’t have to deal with losing so much of the sides when we print, plus we’d have that extra real estate converted into more frames per roll!  It’s all Oskar Barnack’s fault.  Shooting 4×5 film for once I didn’t have to worry about things like that, so I’m using this paper as test prints and gifts.

Please discuss!

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