All this equipment and no ideas…

…what to shoot with all my extra time off.

Right when the tourist season would be gearing up I’m sitting inside doing not much.  So you’d think this would be the perfect time to film something, test out a few cameras I haven’t used yet, send it in to a lab that’s still open which would have the benefit of helping with their economic struggles.  But I have no ideas right now.  So until something sparks in my head I’m spending a lot of time online, doing a lot of reading, and rewatching my favorite sci-fi series, Babylon 5 (and here’s a great piece of recent scholarship about this wonderful show).

Actually I did have one idea: get out tonight and film the super moon.  Better than nothing…

2 thoughts on “All this equipment and no ideas…

  1. For me, if the idea doesn’t come, I avoid shooting just to shoot. I seldom find that the results are worth it to me when I shoot because I’m more or less forcing myself to use a particular camera or lens that I haven’t used lately etc. Gotta have the motivation first! II haven’t shot a lot of motion film lately. I shoot regular 8 on occasion but the processing/scanning etc is a whole workflow that I haven’t ironed out. I went to school for film and shot on 16 then. Did some national commercials on Super 16. But the technical and financial complications of shooting motion picture with any regularity, stream of consciousness style like I do with still photography, stress me out! Still film is perfect for me because it can be on a whim, there’s a chance to mess up and not worry about it since it’s much more simple/cheap. Do you have any of your films posted? Would love to see them!

    • I do have a couple I’ve made, though I’m not happy with most of them and so I don’t let people see them! 😀 This is the one I’m most proud of, so please take a look when you have the time:
      It’s mostly 35mm stills with some super 8 thrown in, and was made in a very stream-of-consciousness way. That can make it very expensive when it comes to the super 8 part if you’re not planning everything out in advance. I had a $1000 grant from my university to make this though so I thought if I was ever going to get into shooting motion film that was the time.

      I was planning on shooting a little short with a friend, until the quarantine mandates started coming down. He’s a fellow film student that made a number of narrative shorts, a very ambitious youngster, but has only shot with a DSLR. I asked him to provide a script and tie down the actors, I’d provide the camera/film know-how and write the music, we’d share director credit and split the production costs 50/50. It makes everything a lot easier to get done I think but there have been so many snags; we actually started brainstorming this thing December of 2018! But with the super moon tonight I think I’d like to shoot a bit of that, and that pic above has three cameras I’ve bought since 2018, that I haven’t tested, so maybe I should just burn a roll as a test to make sure all the cameras are working like they should.

      I guess if I knew you studied film in college I forgot, that’s cool to know though! I’m a part of the Super 8mm group on Facebook, if you ever want to join and post anything, they like regular 8 (double 8?) too. Is there any of YOUR work online that I can see?

      Also, I don’t know if you saw my super 8 price list comparison ( but I think a lot of that could apply to double 8 as well as super 8. I know Film Photography Project has started selling Kodak stocks slit to double 8 and they do processing/scanning as well. I started keeping track of prices because on Overwhelming Majority I spent about $500 on shooting 5 rolls of super 8 and a year later tried a different lab and got a much better price, I shot 3 rolls and spent only about $200 if I remember correctly (film/process/scan). I found out there are even cheaper ways of doing it since then if you want to send your film to one lab for developing and another place for scanning. It’s certainly more expensive to get done than a roll of 35mm stills but the 4K/5K/6.5K scans I’m seeing in the last few years have convinced me that the format has a lot to offer in the modern age, and considering the results I’ve seen with the consumer scanners I’d say scanning is best left to the professional labs. Thankfully a lot of them are still open during the quarantine!

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