My Grandfather’s cameras

According to my dad, aunts, and uncle, my grandpa (father’s side) was a pretty good photographer.  I haven’t seen too many of the pictures he took, certainly by the time I knew him he wasn’t actively shooting much, if at all.  One of my aunts worked part-time as a wedding photographer for a long time, my dad was fond of photography for a while, and certainly the photo bug resurfaced in me!  Just a few weeks before moving to Colorado I had been over to their old house and found some of his old cameras, which I took with me when I moved:

Imperial Cubex IV, TKC Kalimar A, Kodak Bantam f/4.5

Only one of those took 35mm film so it was the one I used way back when I was a wee baby photographer.  The other two take rollfilm that’s not readily available (it all has to be cut down from 120 medium format) so I’ve never used them, though I did buy a few rolls for them years ago.  As this is my last semester with access to a darkroom I’m making it my mission to shoot those rolls and develop them by June.

When I went back one last time in April 2019 I happened across two more, and it would seem the cream of the crop, as far as features go: an Argus C3 and a Kodak Retina IIIc.  The Retina will require some work to be functional but the Argus works well enough, a tough little camera.  So along with the two rollfilm cameras I’ll at least put a roll of 35mm through the Argus and Kalimar, for old times’ sake.

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