WordPress, you’re pissing me off…

I don’t know what the hell’s going on, all the old galleries/slideshows don’t work anymore. I’m trying to go into the classic editor and modify them and it’s malfunctioning. I made this page with the current editor (which I hate) and everything seems to work the way it should. But if I have to go back through every blog post I’ve made (400+) and redo everything from scratch then not only will I be pissed off, but I will seriously consider going to a different platform.

Random assortment of images:

Perhaps the problem is not the theme but the fact that I’ve been using the old editor?

But either way all the old posts I made don’t work. Maybe WP is working on modifying something right now so I’d better a day or two before trying to change too much on the site…

6 thoughts on “WordPress, you’re pissing me off…

    • Nooooo don’t say that! And if they do all the posts I made before the new editor came around would be screwed up anyway. I was warned that WP had this tendency to abandon certain things that screwed up people’s websites. But if that happens to me then I’ll abandon them.

      • All of your old posts can be converted to blocks no sweat. I did it on my blog. I have more than 2000 posts. Took a couple days but I did it.

      • I agree with Jim. I also have over 2000 posts and while it took some time to go through all of them, the organizing and culling is worth it. WordPress is growing and changing constantly but I do feel it is in the right direction. Don’t abandon them, Joe!

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