Well, we’re saved after all.

Alright it looks like things are back to normal…a bit.  It looks like I have to go through pretty much every page though and modify things.  So I’ll start doing that.  It might take a while but it looks like the site will still have the functionality it had.  I hate the new WP editor and do everything in the Classic Editor.  If that wasn’t around I would have abandoned WordPress long ago.  But basically I just have to go into every published (and non-published) post and change one setting:

Any more work and I don’t know if I would have kept the site, I would have started over and gone to a different platform, most likely.  As it is, it would appear that instead of having 4GB for images like when I signed up, I now have only 3GB, and I’m at 80% of that.  What happens afterward, I’m not sure…I might try monetization to see if there is enough income to pay for the site’s maintenance.  But it all reminds me of a famous quote by our favorite villain:

That’s right, Uncle Sam, keep on pushing the American People…

Please discuss!

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