End of my rope

Site update: My inability to edit my photos is starting to catch up with me.  For the last 7.5 years I’ve been posting whatever I wanted with wild abandon.  That is coming to an end though, because I’m getting dangerously close to my upload limit.  I had about 200MB of space left, though going through some of my larger posts with some judicious editing has helped stretch that to almost 500MB so far, more to do.  As I look back on things I posted 2-3 years ago (and even in the last few weeks) there are definitely extemporaneous images in there and I’m being gentle right now but some need deep cuts.  I’ve gotten rid of a few posts altogether, deleting the corresponding pictures.

Hopefully this will help me going forward post more on-topic (and I can judge as well how much my readers enjoy certain posts by the number of likes).  And I hope that in the future I can become a better editor/curator of my own images.  Thankfully I’ve nearly always uploaded images in a standard size (watermarked) of 1500×1000, it was really to protect myself from people who might want to steal my work, but those smaller (by today’s standards) sizes have helped storage space on WordPress from becoming too much of an issue before now.

But what it all comes down to, is that The Resurrected Camera as it is here, has an expiration date.  I can’t afford to buy a yearly plan from WordPress to get more upload space (already do that for my professional site), and don’t think I see the numbers of visitors to fund it with ads or whatever, in fact I have no idea how to even set that up.  I’ve avoided Instagram for years but my photo instructor said that a professional Instagram account just for photographic work was really beneficial, and I’ve had so many people wonder why I’m not on there.  At this point I think it may be unavoidable.  So I’m not sure when I’ll stop uploading images here, or if this blog will take a different turn in the meantime.  Don’t panic yet, I have 500MB to go and have ~20 unpublished posts in the pipeline already.  But the days of this WordPress site are numbered…

3 thoughts on “End of my rope

  1. I’m sad to hear it.

    I get it, WordPress can’t offer unlimited storage because storage costs. But surely there’s some inexpensive product they could offer so blogs like this can keep going.

  2. When I first began blogging I always kept the photos small enough so that no one else had any use for them due to their size. I had my own site and storage back then so it was never about saving space. When I moved to the free WordPress site, I was pleasantly surprised to find that ten years worth of photos only took up 23% of my 3GB. These days I like to post slightly larger photos but still low quality enough that I don’t have to worry about others using them. Overall I just feel that since I definitely don’t want to pay for storage, the amount of image quality I have to give up is very acceptable.

    On another note, I have ever considered going full Instagram. I enjoy the template a lot and you might, too.

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