Behind the scenes of social media

In all my tours I’ve never had so many pictures taken by passengers.  Every single one of them wanted so many taken at the same spot and all were very particular about how they looked.  Now evidently these days men have a reputation of being poor photographers, probably because they get too exhausted by demanding subjects.  Then again with my coworker Cougar and myself they found a couple guys willing to fawn over them like schoolboys and jump through whatever hoop they wanted.

Talking to passengers more recently, I guess that places like Garden of the Gods are getting notoriety thanks to lots of posts on Instagram, TikTok, and who knows whatever else, I really don’t want to get caught up in it all.  I don’t know how all these phone pics they/we took turned out but honestly the whole experience was eye-opening; they were much more concerned with how they looked in pictures than what the pictures were of, I think.  Is this the modern woman?  After the fact, I find the whole thing shallow and depressing.

4 thoughts on “Behind the scenes of social media

  1. It’s amazed me for probably the last 20 years really, there is a large sect of people who think that a good photograph is one that looks like other “good” photographs. They’re unable to think for or be themselves. When they pose, they are just copying what people who have their own character came up with. It is depressing. But that’s what I try to do with my photos, is find the real moments and people. I don’t smooth skin and clone out blemishes. I don’t want people to look at me and smile. And if they do, I will likely take photos of them after they’ve gotten that superficial stuff out of their system and can be real again. Seems like you’ve caught a bit of reality here as well!

    • I think we’re definitely on the same page there, Johnny! With this project I’ve been on there’s always been this theme that I want to look behind the fake smiles and the common narrative, to find the repetition inherent in everything people are presenting to the public.

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