2021 off-season cowboys (color)

Back when color film was plentiful and I was shooting it with wild abandon.  Now we’re all hoarding it like it’s going away…

Honestly I think I shot more color film in 2021 than I ever have!  It just seemed a good time for it.

2 thoughts on “2021 off-season cowboys (color)

  1. Interesting how the combination of supply chain issues, which are world wide, and the continuing growth in the popularity of film has come together to create a shortage. Of course now whenever one of the film resellers I use gets stock, I buy some, as I don’t want to run out. So demand is being brought forward, which of course makes the problem seem worse. I am sure it will eventually stabilise with supply catching up with demand, but it could be a couple of years yet!
    Great photos, the give a real sense of place!

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