Now that’s what I call style!

If I do say so myself.  Modeling my brand-new shirt, self-designed (kind of) and custom tailored through my local Colorado Springs haberdashery.  They sent me a Christmastime coupon, and my boss gave me a gift certificate as well, which went a long way towards paying for this shirt.  I’ve worn it a couple times already to events where I needed to dress business-casual.

I’ve used Cinestill 800T a few times, usually indoors with very poor lighting, but I recently bought an 85B filter and am starting to use this film in more all-around capacities.  I’m happy to say that the results have been incredibly promising!

Hat: Stetson
Shirt: Rutledge’s
Jeans: Brave Star
Boots: Alden
Truck: Chevrolet
Dirt: Colorado

Also…it occurs to me Katie that I’ve given you crap for the very thing I’ve just done…shoot some good low-light film outside in rather bright conditions.  Sorry.

Back in the saddle – shooting a black unmetered Nikon F2

I recently had to send my baby back to the F2 Master while it was still under warranty, it was developing just a too many faults.  So after a time spent with no thinking whatsoever, it was nice to know that shooting unmetered comes back without a hitch.

It’s all about remembering the muscle memory.

Western shirts of the 2021 and 2022 seasons

A helpful reminder that if you wear cowboy clothing you technically are ranch dressing.  What could be more American than that?  In fact all these shirts are Made in USA.  These are the ones I’ve bought in the last year or so, as you can see I’m fond of Southwest patterns:

Do you guys have a favorite one? (or more than one?)  Then please tell me.  It’s for science, so please vote!

2-Freenote Cloth
3-Rockmount Ranchwear
5-Western Aloha
6-Freenote Cloth

The Nikon F4 used in my photo project work

For some reason I keep hanging heavier and heavier cameras around my neck!  I went from a Pentax Spotmatic to the Nikon F to a few different compact cameras back to the F and then the F2, and now the F4.  In actual use it’s really not that much heavier, and I’ve gotten used to it.  I’ve used three lenses with it, the 28mm f/2.8 AI-s Nikkor, 35mm f/2 AI-s Nikkor, and 85mm f/2 AI Nikkor, the three most modern lenses I own, and I’ve been very happy with the matrix metering so far; there have only been a couple occasions in 5 rolls where the shot I wanted wasn’t exposed properly.  This is one fully-electronic camera that you don’t have to worry about turning on every time you use it, I keep it set to S from the time I take it out in the morning to putting it away at night, and it’s always ready to take fantastic pictures, no drain on the batteries as far as I can tell.

Maybe it’s the updated multicoating of the lenses, maybe the lighting was just better in those few weeks, and maybe I wasn’t necessarily nailing the exposure before, but I’m in love with the look of all of these.  Is this going to supplant my F2s?  No.  The only thing I really have against the Nikon F4 is its bulk and weight but the amount of features you’re getting for that definitely tip the balance in the F4’s favor.  What I will use this camera for is:
-autoexposure-necessary shots: slide film, low-ASA, or any other speed besides 400 with which I’m really not that familiar
-fast-paced shoots where I need a motordrive