Prints for Sale

All prints made to order.

Special offer!  I have access to a darkroom for another few months and for that duration am offering any of my black & white images as an optical wet print.  Silver gelatin prints get the best out of analog photochemical imaging and are the most archival process.  I will be printing 8×10 on Oriental glossy fiber paper, one of the best available today.  There is the possibility of larger prints as a special order (up to 16×20 in some cases) but this will depend on availability of paper as I’ll need most for my exhibition prints.  This will be a limited-time offer and all orders must be received by May 1, 2020.  As an aide to finding particular images, please note that most of what I have shot is on either Kodak Tri-X, T-Max 400, or Eastman Double-X.

I offer digital printing of color and black & white images on an Epson large-format printer in 8×10.  Digital scans performed on a Pakon F335 scanner.  If interested, please send me a link to the picture in your email.  At this time digital prints require a minimum order of 2.  Please note that all prints might vary slightly from images posted online.  All images © Joseph Irvin, The Resurrected Camera.

Prices (for 8×10):
x1 print: $25
x5 prints: $100 ($20 each)
All prices in USD; prices include shipping in Continental USA, overseas/international shipping additional and will vary but contact me and we’ll work something out.
contact: or see below.