Fuel injector modifications

We have 6 CJ-8 Scramblers from the early 1980s which are my favorite to drive, though I’ve killed one of them already.  These are the first vehicles I’ve dealt with that had carbureted engines which I actually enjoy quite a lot and have learned a bit about.  I will say: they do tend to break down easier sometimes but are generally easy to fix if you know what you’re doing.  Evidently a lot of the other drivers are lazy or stupid, either way there have been enough complaints that the company put fuel injectors in three of the CJs and it breaks my heart a bit.  The engine doesn’t look quite like it used to, nor does it sound as mean.

pictured: Ruby’s engine

Of course, putting a fuel injector in doesn’t mean that the thing will never break down:

In fact, maybe that makes just one more thing to go wrong…


Brother’s wedding

My brother and his now-wife had a photographer, I just took pictures for fun.  Lots of friends and family, most of whom I hadn’t seen for years.

I had a problem with loading the Canon, really me being cheap and trying to get an extra frame out of the film…the result of which was that my third roll of film doesn’t actually exist.  It could have been worse though, as I had forgotten by then how much I had shot and wasn’t sure if I’d actually taken any pictures at all.  Still, it makes for a good reminder that you must really know your camera before you start doing all the little tricks.  Unless I’m shooting the Spotmatics, I’ll make doubly sure of things like the film loading process!